Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills 1992 Super Bowl XXVII NFL Football




Merick C says:

hi… I love this video… do you know somewhere I can get? the complete video?.. My aunt have it in video cassette but i havenĀ“t find it digitly!!… I specially like the game vs eagles that cawboys lose and then they win…. XD… I hope you can help me!!

Mwanza Espinosa says:

i love the cowboys?

swaugertim says:

the biggest mistake jerry jones ever made was firing jimmy johnson. there’s no telling how many super bowls that team could have won if the owner had not tried to fix was not? broken.
but we all make mistakes in life so let’s not be too hard on jerry.

RedElephantStampede says:

Could have won a? couple more trophies if he had stayed.

MrStones64 says:

Steelers aren’t just historically the kings of the? AFC, they’ve been kings of football.

jimdavid100 says:

Cowboys suck.?

rcgraphix says:


jonice rodriguez says:

Let’s go cowboys forget the giants and the eagles that’s why we have more championships? than the both of them

abraham young says:

my cowboys need to win a nother superbowl? so we can shut them hater up

alithegreat87 says:

Birth? of a dynasty…

zacorre says:

Hopefully that can? happen again this year

justin hughes says:

my? most favorite dallas team ever

supermartz20 says:

the glory days…how I miss? you

13stevejohnson says:


Mike Hurdle says:

the dallas cowboys played their first game against the pittsburg steelers, on a saturdy night,september? 24, 1960. that was the night i was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now who’s gonna top that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rattlesnake153 says:

Come on Cowboys!! Get a? good draft.

greek1237 says:

Lets not forget? the cowboys did knock the Eagles out of the playoffs in route to the NFC championship game with the 49ers. The Eagles had there shot but fell short.

Scarface9256 says:


xXxCulpxXx says:

So missed these days, felt real? good to see my team powered up. Hopes it not that far away again desperate? for a excellent season DEZ ALL THE WAY BABY!

mickquick01 says:

che tempi? , grandissimo Flavio. All’epoca me le vedevo tutte…

ThePLANxZ says:

I do agree to an extent. I personally would rather be 5-0 than 5-3. I might even rather be 5-0 than 6-2 but that is a close one. I’d say 6-2 > 5-0 >? 5-2. Steelers? being at top cause they have the more SB wins. To each his own though.

SuperTugz says:

The Niners being? unbeaten in the Super Bowl just means less appearances in the Super Bowl, meaning more early round playoff losses. 6-2 > 5-3 > 5-0. Three best franchises in the NFL of course though.

ThePLANxZ says:

San Fran = 5-0? and better than both of those sorry franchises

MrSouthphillyitalian says:

cowboys were? always favored by the refs

eaglesyz says:

This Cowboy team would have given the Patriots and Giants a well? deserved beating.
Giants great pass rush would have been a non factor against the great line and great runnung game of that Cowboy team.

SuperTugz says:

It was the 1992 NFL season, but the? Super Bowl was played in early 1993 since the season carries over past January.

SuperTugz says:

Steelers, 6-2 Super Bowl Record. Cowboys, 5-3 Super Bowl record. 3 head to head matchups in the Super Bowl itself, Steelers winning 2? of those in the 70s, Cowboys winning the third in the mid 90s. What a rivalry. Two best franchises in the NFL since the merger.

gnargnargnarify says:

Dallas ruled the defensive? line with an iron fist.

ToProForQuickScopes says:

The title says 1992 but the screen? says 1993…hmmm

carabusa1 says:

It’s not all jerry jones fault, it’s the players fault, jones has tried to give them what they need to win, he hasn’t made the best decisions, but I think he has? tried to give them what they need to at least contend

Fanik10 says:

I was grounded for this Super Bowl. Still watched but I couldn’t leave? the house to be at the party.

182Burritos says:

4:56? The Original Tebowing? Haha

Asahel717 says:

Funny, and everyone points to the 89 49ers 55-10 rout of Denver as a key proof that they were the greatest team ever (the 89 49ers, in my book, are no doubt one of the best teams ever). I wonder if you’d say the Broncos were “worn out” too? The Bills lost narrowly to the NYG, then were outclassed by a great 91 Washington team. The Broncos, led by Elway, lost by a combined 81-30 to NYG and Wash in SBs following the 86 and? 87 seasons. The 90s Bills were better than Elway’s teams.

Asahel717 says:

The score was 52-17 but it should have been 59-10. Frank Reich threw a 40 yd TD to Don Beebe in? the 3rd Q. Reich was one yard over the LOS – you can see in this video where he releases the ball (inside the Dallas 40). Leon Lett hotdogs it while going in for another sure TD and Beebe comes from nowhere to strip him. If not for bad officiating and Lett’s utter carelessness and showboating, this would’ve been the biggest SB rout in history.

Asahel717 says:

People forget the 71 Cowboys in discussing the greatest teams ever. That team had more future HOF players than any team in NFL history. Once Staubach became full-time QB, that team never lost again. The 77 Cowboys had a great D. The 78 Cowboys were a great team that ran into a great Steelers team, bad luck and 1 bad call in SB XIII. Still, the 92-95 Cowboys were better than any team Coach Landry put together. Give the 71 team the 90s OL? and no team would touch them.

Asahel717 says:

The 92 Cowboys beat the two previous SB winners (NYG, Wash) three out of four games in the regular season. They beat a 14-2 SF team on the road in the NFC title game. Their D was lights out and their O-line was developing into arguably the best ever. They boasted three HOF players at the skill positions. From? 92-95, Dallas went 10-1 in the playoffs, including 7-1 vs 3 future HOF QBs (Favre, Young, Kelly). The 92/93 Bills were the AFC’s best; Dallas mauled them 82-30.

zidane851 says:

Im sorry but the with? the conservative play the Cowboys wont get far. I am a hardcore Cowboys fan, but if they keep up this conservative bullshit we wont see a lot in the playoffs, and thats for damn sure. Its all bad management not bad coaching!

kawasakininja112 says:

This? was pretty good

ultraback29 says:

Given that tomorrow is Bills at Cowboys, I decided to check out this video.

Only time when 2 teams faced each other in the Super Bowl twice in a row.

No hard feelings Cowboy fans, but too much has been made about these victories over the Bills. Buffalo was so worn out after SB losses to the Giants and Redskins.

In comparing? them to other great teams, they may not be even as good as the Cowboy teams of the mid-to-late ’70s when they had Dorsett, Too Tall, Hollywood, Tony Hill, etc.

Luigi84289 says:

We need another Championship title to match the Steelers. I hope we can do it this year. If we wait too long the Steelers are bound to? do it again. They’ve always been Kings of the AFC.

Luigi84289 says:

1993 was? not that long ago. As long as I’ve been alive the Super Bowl has always been a world wide event.

Luigi84289 says:


elmolovescookies says:

Rose Bowl was such a badass Superbowl stadium..its a shame the NFL got greedy and will never place it back there because of the lack of box? seats for the mega-rich..

djkreate says:

wish we could get back to these days?

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